Shankar & Vruchi

We shot a week of vibrant festivities preceding Shankar and Vruchi's special day, and knowing them, we were excited to see what they had in store for us at their wedding. Throughout the week, we had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of their friends, learn the story of their relationship via a hilarious cricket parody, as well as witness Vruchi's artistic talents! 

S&V Highlights-1.jpg

Genuinely unsure if this ceremony could have been any more beautiful than it was. Bendooley Estate in Berrima is absolutely amazing and well worth the long drive down from Sydney. Just check out these shots!

...after half a day of not seeing each other, they had a touching reunion in the form of a fun game!

S&V Highlights-16.jpg
S&V Highlights-23.jpg
S&V Highlights-21.jpg

It was an epic struggle but Vruchi won. 

S&V Highlights-48.jpg

The ceremony itself was simply beautiful. I wish I could show you all the pictures but then you would be scrolling forever. ALSO, THEY GAVE EVERYBODY BUBBLES!

S&V Highlights-80.jpg

Something I love about capturing weddings are the infectious wide smiles plastered on everybody's face. This ceremony was the epitome of happiness.

Off to the photo shoot! These two were so easy to capture.

Their super fun bridesmaids were great too!

A little bit of rain clearly didn't bother us too much, but when the rain stopped... well you'll see.

Yeah the photos really can speak for themselves... Onto the reception!!!

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There were so many emotional moments at this reception. It was such a nice atmosphere. 

S&V Highlights-145.jpg

We snuck out of the reception to capture this beautiful image, and soon after, we trekked it back to Sydney. 

Overall it was such a joy to capture Shankar and Vruchi's wedding day (as well as all their other events). I'm sure they will achieve incredible things together.

Congratulations Shankar and Vruchi!